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Sarenth Odinsson

Ypsilanti, Michigan
Sarenth Odinsson is a Heathen, the goði of Mimirsbrunnr Kindred, a Northern Tradition shaman, and priest of Odin and of Anubis. He compiled and edited the devotional anthology Calling to Our Ancestors released by Asphodel Press, and has contributed to several devotional books by Sanngetall Press and Bibliotheca Alexandria.
Sarenth holds a B.S. in Psychology from Eastern Michigan University and his passions include writing, teaching, theology, religion, and sustainable living. Together with James Stovall he hosts the podcast Around the Grandfather Fire, covering topics from Animism to Polytheism, Shamanism to Psychology, and from Science to Pop Culture. He can be contacted at Sarenth@gmail.com or through his blog at Sarenth.wordpress.com.